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Do you constantly feel sluggish, overwhelmed with anxiety, that you are losing it? We take for granted our surroundings, not realizing that our actions in Earth’s realm hold more than just life. Energy is a valued currency within the  Sìth (Faeries)  as they are guardians of nature and it’s elements. It is a very absorbing job when you think about it, and demands a lot of energy. Faeries are very intricate and delicate beings. Who exist and are present all the time. When vexed or insulted a Faery can intentionally cause mild to severe sickness or discomforts, depends on how far you have pushed these beings. To maintain balance in this cross-dimensional coexistence, respect to towards Faeries is very important.  To the human eyes, Faeries can be just about anything as they have the ability to metamorphose ( ability to completely transform its physical form or shape) which can also make “borrowing” energy unintentionally a bit of an issue.

How do you cure discomfort caused by a Feary? Well, there are Faery Doctors, that diagnose and treat these problems! Yes, Faery Doctoring is a unique healing process that involves a deep shamanic skill practice and understanding of the realms we coexist within. It was on the verge of becoming a theory teaching only but has revived and the demand for this traditional practice is becoming a great phenomenon.

Faery Doctoring is being able to cross into these dimensions, seek the help and ask for guidance from faeries to see if there is truly a Faery induced ailment or is it something that needs to be fought within another realm or state of consciousness. They are not a private practice limited to only treating Faeries, they promote a healthy balance of both worlds. There are various methods to deal with every case, using elemental powers is a common method within the practice of Faery Doctoring,  prayer, music, healing through rituals.  Faery Doctors overall importance is to guide,  promote growth, and a loving relationship within these realms. You may have tried conventional treatments seeing someone that treats human disorders and yet unable to find relief, consolation.  Rebecca with her vast knowledge and deep alignment with shamanism can help by channeling and connecting  into the Faery realm, with guidance and wisdom from the Faery realm you will find more than just a cure for that relentless headache, sweep of chronic tiredness, you will be given the tools to live in harmony not just with yourself, but how to coexist within both worlds . Remember that there is something behind that lingering feeling of, “something is wrong”, just have to find the right channel to fix it. If you’re ready to start this journey, to a deeper understanding meaning of yourself, Rebecca with Faery Doctoring can guide you there.

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