Do you ever have the sensation of being weighed down?

These sort of senses are what we call “attachments” (an energy connection). Attachments can be to a person or even objects. When you create attachments based on fear, you generate a spiritual chain, which prevents them from leaving or changing. These chains are like are like a cable wire that grow according to the length and magnitude of the relationship. The longest cords are rooted around parents, siblings and other people with whom we have had a long and intense relationship.

These wires are alive, energy comes and goes through attached people, it never dies, there is no off switch. There are harmful currents, that produce dysfunctions in our lives. Most of the time these can be disguised, and have nothing to do with love or be beneficial to the relationship that is draining you. Cutting the cords is much more than just walking away or a friendly divorce, it is getting rid of the problem, the bad in the relationship, the third wheel.

Normally cords are attached to close friends and family, imagine that someone feels anguished or in need of energy. If you are in a stable and positive energy state that person will begin to empty your energy like that of an app that drains your phone battery. If a cord is draining your energy, you will feel tired without explanation. There is no amount of energy drinks, yoga or sleep that will help you recover. When you lose energy through energy cords you are most likely to suffer from insomnia, depression, a sense of being lost, and most likely will also be constantly tired. Many people regain their energy levels and rebirth themselves through the cutting of the cords.

When you are attached to a negative person, or they become negative,  those emotions travel the cords that attach you both.  Negativity passes through the energy cords, and arrive within you, and your chakras become tainted (body energy centers) resulting in physical pain without apparent cause, most of the time will not heal with traditional medicine or treatment. Those who are sensitive will feel changes within (like the pressure you feel when you’re on an airplane), followed by a surge of energy, discomforts or pain begin to diminish.

Do you ever wonder why you’re stuck in a vicious circle of worrying? Dealing with someone and things are leading, to nowhere?

You might actually need a “Cutting of the Cords” ceremony. With Cutting of the Cords ceremonies, large amounts of energy are consumed and can be intense, since these cords are deeply rooted within. The ceremony can only take place if you are in a peaceful and “silent” spiritual state. You need to want to let go, without that intention you will revert back into the vicious cycle of being drained. You do not need to feel guilty, letting go is not a simple journey. While you are healing, remember not all medicine tastes like bubblegum, but it is good for you to get better. Just need to want it, to set yourself free, that it is for the good of all, spiritually, physically, and emotionally will elevate you, to let go.

Are you ready to let go? Tired of being on the backburner?  Rebecca, with her experience in Shamanic Healing, can help you find the light in the dark, and move forward to where you want, and need to be.

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