psychic medium celtic shamanShamanic healing is restoring the body and soul. How does Shamanism work?  The goal is to heal the spiritual part that has succumbed to the disease (the ailment can be anything from physical to psychological) and restoring the connection to the severed power line (remember we all have energy lines, strings that become entangled in this world). Extractions are healing techniques that play a key role in all shamanic cultures and practices, which explore the causes of illness from the perspective from within the soul.

Shamanic healing involves locating, perceiving, and eliminating the disturbance and whatever the discomfort may be dragging you into the dark parallels of the flesh realm.

Working with your spirits will be vital for identification and diagnosis of the disease, in preparation for extraction and renewal or what the spirits guide us to.

There is a wide range of methods a Shaman can use to heal, find what is troubling you. A common method is the used within the practice is that of the natural element, plants, and earth. Be aware that is very important to follow instruction and knowledge of the practitioner when it comes to the ingestion any type plants or medicinal herbs since the risk of being intoxicated is very great. This method is widely used by the majority of  Shamans all over the globe. Medicinal plants have a certain basis for healing since they harbor care from other realms, this element has great healing powers. Again, take into consideration that like any treatment, this one is most likely to require prolonged use for it to take effect (as well it is dependent on the case, every case is unique).

Other methods that are very common are chants, spells, incense (smoke), sense, they can all be used in combination or separately, it all depends on what the Shaman senses and what you are wanting.  Shamanic healing works along with what you want, as you are the source of energy to what is happening. These practices have existed for many centuries, Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to mankind. Archaeological evidence places the first shamanic practices more than 40,000 years ago. Continues to be one of the major sought of methods to alternative care. Smoke and chants are used to heal and sense where the ailment is, to cure through the call and help of the spirits that surround the bothersome source. Many shamans are known for the use of chants, spells, “magic”, which are taught and passed down from the original tribes, generations.

Shamans generally do not believe that they give but extract the “disease” from the body and soul. Astral trips that are used by many shamans, involve the practitioner going into trance. The ability to travel to dimensions, realms, regions of the spirits, and with the guide and help of the spirits will heal what needs to be healed. This a complete non-physical contact method, others may be present within this session, depending on the circumstance of the case. As the realms that your energy travels through are vast and complex, becoming lost can be a risk. Shamanic healing is an art, understanding and respecting how it works will help guide you and give you power in the healing, restoration process.

Shamanic healing not only works with your spiritual life, works and flows with everything that happens in your life.

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