No magic will be taught today, but a tiny bit of history. So is it all magic or an illusion?

Knowing how the moons or elements influence is not magic, it is Scientific calculations.

In this brief space and time what you need to learn before stepping into the craft is the respect for it. These are not simple cheap street tricks, there is a history.

Witches are a race of humans who have been bestowed with the gift of magic. Most of these are transferred from witch to witch by blood bond, most are lineages. Within each lineage, there are constant characteristics that define them (runes, glyphs, use of sacrifices; bones; chants; spells; elements, and so forth.) There are certain signs that define each one, the power of lineage is not of great significance because these signs are skills, that even humans with next to nothing gifts, can achieve. The only significant feature of a certain power is the Runes or the Glyphs, for these symbols are different with each lineage and how much more power they have, the stronger their history and line become.

Recognizing and knowing the different types of witchcraft, although there is a predilection for a particular type (Some are chosen or guided depending on the lineage) if you have the gift of magic you, you can be taught other types. It is not easy to master a witchcraft that is not yours and you NEVER come to dominate it, you are simply able to adapt to your energy, that of which you are learning. Energy is different in each lineage, so some are more powerful than others, all depending on the source, lineage, and so forth.

The energy that dominates each witch is different, a unique set, and each lineage marks the fundamental characteristics of this energy.
For example a witch of a simple and unnamed lineage, no matter how much she wants, unless she makes some kind of black magic chord, she will not get very high.

Understand the hierarchy of witches as a meritocracy; high energy, better position.

Do you know you are a witch or do you have a gift?
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