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Faery Doctoring is an ancient healing system where the practitioner works with the faeries to cure ailments caused by faeries. What? Faeries cause ailments?

Yes, it is true. Faeries can intentionally cause ailments in people who offend them. Sometimes they even cause unintentional harm when they “borrow” energy from people. Their main work is to keep nature in balance, and it is not an easy job these days. Humans are really messing things up. So faeries need to take energy from wherever they can get it to repair the damage. They are willing to sacrifice the well-being of individual humans for the sake of the good of the whole.

That is no fun for the humans who lose their energy, though. They may suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, mental illness, or other energetic disorders. If you have strange, lingering symptoms that don’t respond to conventional treatments, you might have a faery illness.

A faery doctor can go into the faery realm to ask faery healing allies to determine whether your illness is caused by faeries, and if so, to bring back your lost energy. 

This session lasts approx. one hour and can be done via telephone or in my home..


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